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This page contains some links that connect to sites over which neither the SCA nor the Gwyntarian Archer's Guild have any control.

The SCA Archery Homepage

Archery websites of all known Kingdoms:

An Tir - also known as On Target Online
East - Policies of the East Kingdom Captain-General of Archers

The Midrealm Archery Marshal's Handbook is on this page - it's listed as "Missile Weapons Marshal's Handbook", and is available in either .pdf or .doc formats.

The Midrealm Archer General's website - Midrealm archery information, calendar, regions and deputies, and many links.

The Greenwood Company of the Midrealm.

The Society Marshal's Combat Archery page, and
the Marshal Deputy for Combat Archery's Combat Archery page

Some Important Events in the Fourteenth Century - this page has some good historical information, including a 15th century illustration of the Battle of Crecy, showing English archers using longbows, and French archers using crossbows.

Ohio Society of Traditional Archers

The Society of Archer-Antiquaries - furthers the study of the development of the bow and arrow in all parts of the world from prehistoric times to the present day and also matters relating to the history of archery in general.  They've also got a lot of really great articles about many aspects of archery.

Interested in Thumb Rings and other Mongol archery tools?  Check out ATARN (Asian Traditional Archery Research Network).

Conquest Anglo-Norman Society - This group does serious reenactment of the Anglo-Norman period.  There are some good photos of their archers, and a short article on crossbow construction.

Michael Drayton's Ballad of Agincourt

The legend of William Tell

Some information about the Bowyer's Knot from Endless Bowstrings - they also have information on how to build a bowstring jig, and make your own bowstrings.

Einarr's Archery Links

Stefan's Florilegium (a collection of postings from various sources) has an entire section on archery

Historical archery links from Bownet and Bow International Magazine

A collection of FAQs (frequently asked questions) from an archery newsgroup.

Another collection of FAQs from various newsgroups, put together and maintained by the student archery club Sagittarius Twente, in the Netherlands

The Life of Ascham by Samuel Johnson.  Roger Ascham is the author of Toxophilus, or the Schole or Partitions of Shooting.  Published in 1544, it's a treatise on all aspects of contemporary archery at the time.  He covers everything - equipment, shooting styles, mental attitude and more - sometimes in extreme detail.  It's very practical in some sections, philosophical in others.  It's an absolute gold mine about archery that is still relevant today, and it's about the only Medieval period book on the subject - the only one in English, anyway.  If you're really interested in traditional and SCA archery, it's really worth tracking down a copy and reading it.

Information about the archery collection at the Manchester Museum, in the UK (includes information about the Simon Archery Foundation - if anyone knows their webpage address, please email me the link - thanks).

Some information and comments on Archery Laws in England regarding required practices

Archery and other missile weapons information from the Regia Anglorum website - they have lots of other 'early medieval period' information, too.

A great collection of archery links from Gavvin's Keep (warning - main site has music). (dead link as of 1-2-05)

Oxford Archers - you have to check this out, if nothing else, than for the great effect when you put your mouse on the links on the main page.

Archery Links on the WWW (lots of great ones), from Quick's On-Line Archery Shop

F/S Discount Archery

No Frontiers Archery - cedar arrows, also bows (including longbows), used bows, books, and accessories.

Bitter Root Bow Co. - nice selection of longbows in a variety of different woods, including a short version for youth (a nice size for mounted archery too!).  Also cedar arrows and some accessories.  Very fast shipping.

Bowstick Archery - this is their 'arrowbuilder' page.  Custom built arrows - choose your options and watch the arrow at the top change to match.

Thrown weapons information

And, because so many archers seem to be interested in it, here's a link to the Gwyntarian Tunner's Guild, devoted to brewing and vintning.

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