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Archers Guild
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Started during the 1980's, the Gwyntarian Archers Guild is located in the Marche of Gwyntarian, in the Barony of Brendoken, in the kingdom of the Midrealm.  In modern terms, we are located in the Akron/Kent area of Ohio.


Award of the Dragon's Flight The Gwyntarian Archer's Guild, and House Darkyard, were the first two groups to receive the Award of the Dragon's Flight, on August 17th, 1990, given by TRM Comar and Lisa.  This award is given for excellence in group archery.  The Guild has also received the Purple Fretty, on March 1st, 1997.  This award is given for service as a group. Award of the Purple Fretty


Vingtenar - Baron Nigel FitzMaurice, CGC
Scribe - Forester Arwenna of Kelsley, O.P.
Archivist - Forester Ian Gourdon of Glen Awe, O.P.

Meetings and practices

The Guild meets the first Thursday of each month, right after the March of Gwyntarian meeting (see the Gwyntarian website for Gwyntarian meeting times and directions).  Additional meetings are called as needed - see the calendar page.

A list of places to practice in the area is here.  Guild members practice solo, get together informally, or meet for scheduled practices (scheduled practices are listed on the calendar page).

The Guild's annual meeting is held on or near January 20th, which is the feast day of our patron saint, Saint Sebastian.  We review the Guild's Charter, approve revisions if needed, elect officers, and set goals for the coming year.  A wonderful potluck feast is also enjoyed!

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